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A Trip Full of Surprises

During our trip to Japan in October of 2023, Tatsui wanted to visit her friends living in Yamanashi. They invited us along to take a look at some of the…
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The Sausage Supreme

Hey there! It’s me Niko and this is my website. I have been a Japanophile for a couple of years now. Thus, I’ve traveled to Japan three times now, with the first time being a University Exchange. I love exploring that rather mystical place, especially as I always learn so much there! This includes the culture of Japan, but also the psychology of the people and sometimes the science too! Who knew that traveling Japan would result in me following the pursuit of knowledge?


The Japanese Perspective

So this is my girlfriend Tatsui, probably the loveliest person in the world. Her and I met during my exchange study in Japan back in 2018. And we’ve somehow made it so far, despite currently being in a long-distance relationship. Each time we met though, our bond got stronger and I really cherish every single moment that we have together. She is such a wonderful person that I am happy to be able to call my partner.

Cassandra AI

The Sassy Assistant

And this right here is Cassandra, our own personal AI assistant! Yeah! Whenever we go to a place and want to find out more about it, we call upon Cassandra and ask her what is going over there. Sometimes however she adopts quite a snarky attitude. Is that good or bad? Hard to say! But nevertheless, despite her sassy remarks, she still performs her duties splendidly! Who else could have after all known that the Snow Monkey’s favourite activities include taking selfies for Instagram and drinking soy lattes?