Hello everyone!

If you haven’t heard of me and The Red Value before, here a short introduction. My name is Niko and with me is my girlfriend Tatsui. Together we travel the world (mostly Japan) and make videos of those journeys looking a bit behind the scenes. By that I mean, I love figuring out the science, business and psychology of the things I discover during travel and particularly for Japan there is always so much to be discovered.

Anyways, my other passion is technology. I love programming, particularly Artificial Intelligence and I was always looking at ways to combine my two passions. In comes the AI-powered guide map of Japan! I saw a big YouTuber by the name of Abroad in Japan make such a map for himself manually. From there, I got the idea to automate such a map using something called NLP (Natural Language Processing). At first, I didn’t know that something like that would be possible, but it turns out, my hunch was correct! After one year of programming and drinking lots of green tea to keep me going, I finally finished the AI-Powered Guide Map aptly named “Project Odyssey”.

Well, here it is. Version 1.0, a project that I can really feel proud of. At time of writing, the map features north of 350 different Japan-based, English-speaking YouTubers.

If you want to learn more about how this map works, please feel free to check out my YouTube video explaining all of its features and the behind-the-scenes of all of it.

Sayonara everyone! Thanks for reading!


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