Good News Everyone!

My girlfriend Tatsui and I have finally re-united after being apart for over 1 and a half years!

There are honestly only very few words that can describe how tough it was to be apart for so long, only being able to chat with each other twice a week over a phone call with a 7 hour time difference. But we made it!

So what’s up and what’s the plan? Tatsui has expressed her wish to me to want to live in Europe and experience the European way of life for a while. Kind similar to how I want to do the same in Japan. Considering the current situation in Japan in terms of travel bans, this seemed like the most obvious thing to do for us. She has quit her job in Japan and now moved to live with me in Innsbruck, Austria. And for me, I want to give her as much of a good time on this continent as I can.

What does it mean in terms of content? We will be definitely making some videos of what it is like for a Japanese girl to move to Europe. Culture shocks and travel included! I personally think that it could give this channel quite a unique perspective. Of course content about Japan will not completely seize either. My Fun Facts About Japan series will go on as well as travel videos of Japan, as we still intend on going there as often as possible.

Overall, there are exciting times ahead of us. But for now, we will enjoy a couple of beautiful days of rest and hiking before we head back into the normal day-to-day life. Thanks for reading!

Selfie From a Mountain

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