It was quite surprising to me how long this feature took to implement. Creating an AI to filter non-travel videos from the map took around two weeks. But implementing the ability for YouTubers to edit video positions on the map? That took a whopping 6 months! Anyways, I have just finished a guide on how YouTubers are able to log in, verify their channels and then edit all data on the map regarding their own videos. My hope for this is for the data on videos to become as accurate as possible, with creators able to display their work as they wish.

In hindsight, it is pretty obvious why though. Letting anyone edit data is no easy task. First, there needs to be an interface to do the editing. Then the interface needs to be cleared of all bugs and inconsistencies. It also needs to be explainable and easily understood. Following that, all input needs to be verified for completeness and correctness …. twice! Once on the client-side as well as on the server side. On top of that, the verification process with Google had to implemented too. Overall, it took a lot of effort to make the Map Manager a reality, but it was absolutely worth it. The images below show some examples from the guide.

Hope you enjoy it

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