Here we go. Around 1 year after Tatsui and I have reunited, we are happy to announce that we are pregnant! In January, we will be receiving a bundle of joy and I am confident to tell you that we are unquestionably looking forward to it.

Getting married is an important, but in our case easy decision. Getting a baby is an even bigger decision, but again a straightforward one. With my parents living just around the corner, there is probably no easier time to get a baby than now. Tatsui and I both wanted to be parents too, and as such the decision was clear.

Since the baby is coming and gender reveal parties are all the rage now, I’ve decided to make a little game out of the gender reveal. Take a look at the map, where you will find videos of our travels in Japan. Hidden under one of those videos is the gender reveal. Here are three clues on how to find it:

  1. The place to find the gender reveal is the place where Tatsui and I met for the first time
  2. As such, the gender reveal is at the same spot of our videos (There is a separate marker for our own videos vs those of others)
  3. By clicking on the “Open Menu” button or right-clicking on the map, you can get a clue on where the gender reveal is. The clue will tell you how far the gender reveal is. But beware, the units of measurement are American units (such as trucks, washing machines and bananas).

Hopefully you’ll have a good time finding the gender of our baby.

Thanks for reading

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